January 16, 2015 

"My grandson and I began classes at Mid-California Tae Kwon Do seven months ago.  What started as an opportunity to improve our coordination and spend time together, has evolved into something more.  We both have improved our ability to move more freely and to control our bodies.  What I did not expect were all the other things that came with being a part of this school and the Taekwondo training.   

Learning with others in a safe, positive environment is really enjoyable.  Starting out, we felt very vulnerable, as the moves were strange and awkward.  The patience shown by both teachers and students made us feel comfortable.  We are continuing to learn new patterns and working to improve our skills during each class.  For both my grandson and me, enjoying this process or journey has become the primary goal.  How far we go or what color belt we achieve will be an added bonus.

The formal protocols taught and expected at the school are a positive learning experience for all students.  As a family, we strive to guide our children towards a more positive and productive life, and this school provides a very real, concrete example of how one should interact with the world.   The tenets of Taekwondo: courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and indomitable spirit - are made real throughout the training in both subtle and very concrete ways.

As a retired educator, I recommend this program for any child or adult.  There is much in this school to learn and it applies to all aspects of our lives. "   Mr. Phil Swearingen

"Dear Dr. McCain, Words cannot fully express gratitude we feel for the impact you've had on son, Reece.  I cannot say I'm not saddened by his decision to "take a break" from TKD.  I understand how "breaks" work.  However, I understand and accept his decision nonethless.

For nearly 7 years, you and Ms. Schwartz have helped to shape Reece's character though Tae-Kwon-Do and in the process, you've help shape his life.  You influenced him to be a godly man during some critical years of his life...years I pray he looks back on as a blessing from the Lord.

We all have people in our life that we reflect on as having made a significant impact.  For me, it was an English teacher and a wrestling coach.  What made their impact significant was their care, concern and constant encouragement.  Thank you for doing the same - and much more.  You are truly dedicated and committed to people and to Reece that much more.

May God bless the work of your hands Dr. McCain and Ms. Schwartz!  May God continue to carve a significant path for your lives in the same way you carved one for our son. 

With Much Gratitude,  Robert and Jaci Carpenter"  

Mrs. Miceli: My kids started at MCTKD over 5 years ago. While they have been physically challenged they have also been spiritually encouraged. Dr. McCain has taught them perseverance and respect. I believe their characters have been positively influenced because of this class. Dr. McCain truly cares for his students and this is very important to me.

"We originally enrolled our home schooled daughters in Taekwondo because we were looking for a PE class that they could participate in together.  We quickly realized that taekwondo is about so much more than exercise and fighting/self-defense.   The skills and work ethic that our daughters have learned have carried over into many other areas of their lives.  Through taekwondo our daughters have learned to pay attention to detail, be alert, persevere, respect authority, overcome timidity, and find satisfaction in hard work.   As an instructor, we cannot recommend Dr. McCain to you highly enough.  He has been an incredible, godly influence over the lives of our  children.   Dr. McCain is a man of integrity and has always treated our daughters with respect and Christian love.  He is a humble man with a pastor's heart, who shows a keen interest in the character and lives of all his students.  Not only is he great at teaching martial arts, he makes the classes enjoyable.  My daughters love taking taekwondo from Dr. McCain."  Mrs. Laura Curry

"We would like to recommend to you Dr. Dennis McCain, first as a pastor, secondly as our Taekwondo instructor.  In both roles, Dr. McCain is pleasant and shows forth good character.  He is loving and firm, joyful and patient, able to instruct others in character development as well as in the art of Taekwondo...The Christian principles tied in with the training serve to remind us that God is involved with us in every activity..."   Dr. and Mrs. Keith Wong

"Dear Dr. McCain, Ms. Schwartz, Mr. Buie and Staff: We wanted to wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving! We are thankful for you all and appreciate your loving patient teaching."   Dr. and Mrs. Hernandez, and Family.   

"...Right from the beginning I felt comfortable, as well as impressed with Mr. McCain... style, technique, care, warmth and most importantly...godly influence on my children.  My children have learned... valuable life lessons...commitment to themselves and others, discipline in learning...all three have grown in leaps and bounds positively  in their self- esteem..."   Cynthia Long

"Starting with the first lesson we were very impressed with the respect that Dr. McCain showed our son.  His self-esteem has been bolstered enormously through his experience at Mid-California Taekwondo... each student is made to feel as if they are special and unique."  Jeff Ferrari

"...Since this class is open to public observation, we have been able to sit in on two separate occasions.  It is really exciting to see our sons learning discipline, respect for others, self control and then having them applied to Christian living. Society today does not require discipline for children, it is evident in the world around us."  Danny and Donnie Long