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Prior to White Belt You dream of performing martial arts

At White Belt You decide to participate in a program

At Yellow Belt You can visualize yourself performing martial arts

At Green Belt You decide to commit yourself to a martial arts

At Blue Belt You begin to realize the power that is part of art

At Red Belt You realize that a good work ethic is needed to succeed

At Recommended Black Belt You begin to learn the ground rules for achievement

1st Degree Black Belt You earn the right to be called a martial artist

2nd Degree Black Belt You recognize that the process of learning never stops

3rd Degree Black Belt You realize that passing on your knowledge is critical

At 4th Degree Black Belt You begin to develop greater power and maturity

At 5th Degree Black Belt You believe you know the art and decide to teach.

At 6th degree Black Belt You have grown enough to develop your own style, but also, that there is no need to reinvent the art.