"Letting your conscience be your guide is only valid if God's Word is guiding your conscience" Dr. McCain.

Ability is more than skill or knowledge. A most significant aspect of ability lies in a person's determination and conviction; an inner desire to apply oneself to a given task or belief. This is why some people who feel they lack ability can and often do, succeed in certain things considered impossible at one time.  Dr. McCain

As we grow in TKD and in our personal character, we also develop a sense of acute responsibility which challenges us to accept individual areas of responsibilities that we would normally shun.  Strength to act above the norm, to finish the course that is set before us, is initiated by accepting personal responsibility.  This takes courage and demonstrates the concept of indomitable spirit.  Always be ready to act on a higher plane."  

"Those things worth learning, should be worthy of teaching.  If what we are trying to learn will not be of value to others, we should evaluate our teacher."

"Honor is the key quality which opens the door to the development of courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit.  Without honor, the tenets of Taekwondo can never be realized in the life of the martial artist."

"While physical training and flexibility provide beauty and strength to the patterns, and prevent injury, the spiritual aspects of flexibility provide grace, kindness, and compatibility to the character of our lives.  

"Seeking truth requires diligent effort.  Some people never seek for truth for fear that it will lead to change or conviction.  To ignore truth for any reason is to commit intellectual suicide.  Seek truth.  Pursue it with vigor.  In finding truth, your life will be changed forever."  

"Without learning proper respect for those in authority, we may never strive to our full potential and God-given ability." 

"To be a servant of many, you must first learn to be a servant of one!"