Jumong Pattern: (40 movements) Jumong founded the Kogoryo Dynasty in 37 B.C. by defeating the Han Dynasty of China.  Jumong united all the Korean tribes into one unified nation.  He was known for his mastery of the bow and sword, and was a highly regarded military commander and tactician.  His archery skills are legendary.  The 40 movements of this pattern refer to the age of his death, from accumulated battle wounds.  The pattern diagram symbolizes his great courage and fortitude.

 Stand feet together, bow, and to the parallel ready stance.

 1.    Step back with the right foot to a left middle “L” stance and simulate holding a bow with the left hand, while pulling the right hand back  to a loaded arrow position.

 2.    Slide the left foot forward and then quickly step with the right foot forward to a right front stance and execute a side spear thrust strike, with “speed of arrow” acceleration, breathing loudly to simulate the sound of an arrow.

 3.    Step back with the right foot to a left middle “L” and rapidly pull the right hand back (simulating the removal of the arrow).  Simultaneously perform a left forearm strike, keeping the right hand held high.

 4.    Simulate the pulling of  a sword from the scabbard with the left hand, extending the left hand to a full drawn sword position (a left side hammer strike).  The right fist is positioned at the right hip.

 5.    Step back with the left foot to a right middle “L” stance, and perform a left circular single knuckle upper cut, with the palm faced in and the right hand pulled to the waist.

6.    Step back with the right foot to a left middle “L” stance and perform a 45 degree angled left hammer strike into the right palm.

7-8. Perform a 360 degree right jump spin heel kick, landing in a left back stance,      double guarding blocks.

9-10. Execute a left pumping front kick, double knife hand guarding blocks.

11-12. Perform a left jump back spin side kick, sliding back to a right middle “L” stance (facing forward) double knife hand block with palms forward.

13. Perform a right inward block with the inverted knife hand.

14. Reverse spin in a clockwise direction to a right front stance and execute a right scooping block with the right ridge hand.

15-16. Perform a rear leg front kick, landing in a left middle “L” stance, and execute a left upset punch to the solar plexis.

17-19. From a left middle “L” stance perform a stationary left 45 degree knife hand chop; then perform a right 45 degree knife hand chop in a left sprinter’s stance, and then execute a left dropping elbow strike in a middle “L” stance.

20-24. Perform a left lead leg axe kick, and quadruple downward punch in a rapid manner, in a left sprinter’s stance.

25. Pull up the left leg and slide/step back to a left middle “L” stance, double knife hand guarding blocks.

26. Perform a drop sweep kick with the right spin heel.

27-28. Drop down on your left side and simulate hooking an opponent’s ankle and execute a right knee level side kick.

29-30. Swing the right and left legs in a clockwise direction to return your body to an upright position.  Slide back to a right cat stance, double knife hand blocks.

31-32. Perform a right lead leg pumping front kick and slide step forward to a right back stance and execute a right lead hand jab at face level.

33. Perform a right low block and left outer forearm block combination, with the left hand in a knife hand position.

34. Jump up to avoid a leg sweep, landing further to the right in a right back stance, double guarding blocks.

35. Reach forward with the open left hand to simulate blocking an opponent’s lead hand down, and execute a right circular back fist to the head.

36-37. Perform a left rear hand inverted spear thrust at throat level.  Raise the right hand to an open handed high block.

38-39.  Perform a left knee strike, while simulating pulling down the opponent’s head.  Slide step down to a left middle “L” stance with open hands facing forward, in double guarding blocks.

40. Swing and jump clockwise 180 degrees (as if retreating).  Execute a mid-air left spear thrust strike, and then land in a right front stance.

*Return the left foot to the ready parallel stance.