Young Juk Sung Jang (Blue Belt Section, 1-20)  The ready stance is the (Growth Ready Position) with the open right hand, finger tips pointing up, and the left left grasping the right wrist.
1. Perform a stationary right hooking block.

2. Twist right to a right front stance and execute a left closed knuckle palm strike at face level.

3-4.  Execute a forward left turning hook kick/round kick combination.

5. Step down to a left X stance, left single knife hand strike.

6. Step the right foot back to form a left front stance and execute a right low inverted spear thrust strike, bringing the left fist to the left shoulder.

7-8.  Perform a right turning hook kick/round kick combination. 

9. Step down to a right X stance, right back fist strike at temple level.

10. Step the left foot back to right front stance and execute a left knife reverse hand strike.

11-12. Perform a right reverse hook kick, side kick combination

13. Land in a left cat stance and execute a right and left elbow strike combination.

14-15. Perform a left pick up lead leg front kick, stepping back with the left foot to a right front stance, and execute a right lead punch to the face level.

16. Step the left foot forward to a parallel stance and execute left hooking punch at temple level.

17-18. Perform a stationary right and left punch at the shoulder level.

19. Step back with the right foot to a left front stance and execute twin inner forearm blocks.

20. Perform a stationary right crescent back fist.

Right Foot Return to Ready