CTF Belt Ranking System

WHITE BELT    (Innocence And Purity)              Private

YELLOW BELT (The Earth)                                 Private 1st Class

GREEN BELT    (The Plant Which Grows)         Corporal

BLUE BELT       (The Sky)                                     Sergeant

RED BELT         (Danger, Power, lacks control) Master Sergeant

BLACK BELT     (Impervious To Fear, Opposite of White)     

     1st Degree Black Belt------------------------Lieutenant

     2nd Degree Black Belt-----------------------Captain

     3rd Degree Black Belt----------------------- Major

     4th Degree Black Belt------------------------Colonel

     5th Degree Black Belt------------------------1 Star General

     6th Degree Black Belt------------------------2 Star General

     7th Degree Black Belt------------------------3 Star General

     8th Degree Black Belt------------------------4 Star General