12 Concepts of Power

Stancing: (propping, bracing, pushing) contraction of the larger muscles to facilitate power, hips twists (acting like a differential system) - no hip rotation will not allow the power from the legs to be activated.

Hip twist: Self-explanatory (pressing and twisting)

Reaction force: (rebound, fulcrum, shock) Matched timing to produce the maximum weight advantage at the point of impact or rebound reaction force. Fulcrum reaction force diverted power: Seesaw. The center fulcrum is the middle point. When we punch this is called reaction force!

Focus: (space, time, thought) concentration of energy into a smaller area (space focus). Thought focus: everything we see a “stream of focus” or a specific point to the exclusion of everything else. Time focus: a short burst of energy expels more power, in opposition to a push technique.

Timing: (multi-ordinates) all the events happening at the proper time maximizes the KE at the point of contact. Sometimes referred to matched time.

Geometrical design: Laws of motion: a body in motion is continue in motion (straight line) will remain in motion until acted upon, a body not in motion will remain that way until acted upon, law of deflected motion.

Vector velocity: the science of speed on speed, or extended radius (knife hand strike). Example: a bull whip or snap of a towel (continuing, extended radius).

Range of motion: (major muscle, mean average of two apex together) during the range of motion there is a point of maximum power. Extending past that point detracts from the power. The more muscles that coordinate the strike, the more power is generated.

Relative muscular strength: (ability to hold the angle, speed of joint rotation) the stronger you are the more mass you can pass through to the target

Breathing: Oxygen is the fuel to the body

Accuracy: every is contingent to your ability to hit the target. This involves pinpoint accuracy

Attitude: (heart: indomitable spirit and tenacity; Confidence: perseverance & demeanor) your frame of reference and how you perceive things. Don’t be negative - if you think that you cannot do it, you will not try hard to achieve.

Automatic reflex: ultimate goal of your technique. (muscular memory: planned and unplanned)

Muscular memory: frog after being pithed. Without thinking you move with your muscles.

Conscious automatic reflex: sparring or conscious pre-planned reflex State of no mind:

Automatic response to stimuli

The formula for Power (Kenetic Energy) is KE = ˝ (MV2).  If you double your weight, you double your power.  If you double your speed, your quadruple your power.  It is apparent that we must facilitate more weight and more speed behind each movement, in order to produce more power.