Uniform  --------- DoBok

School ------------ Dojang

"Cha Ryot" - A basic call to attention - (pronounced chair-rot)

"Kyung Nae" - Bow - (pronounced Kung (like young with a K) Nay (hay with an N))

The senior student will open all classes with the phrase "Cha Ryot! Kyung Nae!" and all students bow to the flags.   The class will then say the pledge of allegiance to the American flag.  The class will then face the instructor and recite the tenets of Taekwondo.  Then the senior student will issue the command "Kyung Nae" to bow to the instructor.

"Joon Bee" - command to get into ready stance - fists tight at belt level, feet spread as far apart as your shoulders - don't move! - (pronounced June with a ch sound instead of J)

"Shee Jock" - begin or start your activity, whether one-step sparing, your form etc. (pronounced C-jock)

"Baroh" - back to ready position (pronounced borrow)

"Shoo" - Relax (just like it looks)

"Cumon" - stop (pronounced as if the C is a G - goo mon