1. Courtesy and respect should be shown at all times to all students.

2. Students are to have a clean and bathed body and clean uniforms.

3. Profanity, inappropriate stories or words WILL NOT be tolerated.

4. All Black Belts or Instructors will be referred to on a last name basis.

5. Always answer "sir" or "ma'am" when addressing Black Belts or Instructors.

6. Drugs, alcohol or other controlled substances WILL NOT be permitted.

7. Do not laugh at or criticize Instructors, students or other martial art schools.

8. No chewing gum in the dojang.

9. No horse play in the facilities.

10. Children should never leave the premises without an adult or guardian.

11. The Chief Instructor must approve markings, designs or patches on uniforms.

12. Except for a wedding band or medic alert, no jewelry will be allowed in class

13. The school office is off limits, except by permission.

14. Never do anything outside of class that would reflect badly on the school.

15. Cell phone conversations are not permitted inside the dojang, during class.