Black Belt

Privilege & Responsibility

 The first goal that most students of Taekwondo set is achieving the level of First Degree Black Belt.  This rank symbolizes proficiency in the basics of Taekwondo, success in achieving one’s goal, and the privileges which naturally accompany your new rank.

Upon reaching the rank of First Degree Black Belt Recommended, you should continue to train and to prepare for your next test, which should take place within 6 to 12 months.  First Degree Black Belt Recommended is a provisional black belt rank. 

In order to achieve First Degree Black Belt, you must refine and improve your technique.

After earning your First Degree Black Belt, you will receive you Black Belt Certificate, you may wear the black belt with a gold bar and you may add the black stripe on your uniform.

Upon earning your First Degree Black Belt many new challenges and responsibilities await you.  Other students will respect your hard work and integrity, and address you formally as Mr., Mrs., or Miss.  You should continue to lead by example.  You now have a greater accountability to your instructors and peers.

You may now sit at the judges’ table, upon request, at a testing or tournament.  This new privilege carries with it the responsibility of exercising careful evaluation of technique, power, and application of movement.

First degree black belt is the first step on the path toward developing a high level of proficiency, expertise, and maturity, demanded by the art of Taekwondo.

First, second and third degree black belts are considered beginner or novice black belts
Fourth, fifth and sixth degree black belts are expert black belts and instructors.
Seventh, eighth and ninths degrees are the master levels of expertise and instruction.

Once you achieve first degree decided, you may begin training for the rank of Assistant Instructor.  With sufficient teaching experience and the minimum rank of second degree decided black belt, you may test to become a Certified Instructor.  While not every black belt pursues this course, teaching is a very satisfying experience for many

           Minimum Time and Age Requirements for Black Belt Ranks

    Current Rank                               Time @ Rank     

    Colored Belts                                      2 years        

    First Degree Recommended                1/2 year       

    First Degree Decided *                       1 year           

    Second Degree Recommended            1/2 year        

    Second Degree Decided *                    2 years        

    Third Degree                                      3 years          

    Fourth Degree                                    4 years       

    Fifth Degree                                       5 years        

    Sixth Degree                                       6 years        

    Seventh                                              7 years        

    Eighth Degree                                     8 years         

  • Students achieving First and Second Degree Recommended must test again with 12 months from their previous rank to achieve permanent status and receive their degree certificate.