The Tenets of Taekwondo

by Dr. Dennis McCain

Courtesy pervades every area of our art.  In class we demonstrate courtesy by showing respect to our instructor, senior students, visitors, parents, etc.  This is accomplished in many ways: by our attitude toward instruction, our voice inflection, our actions and by following good leadership.  The concept is learned by lower rank students because they are then able to see the example and benefits of courtesy in the lives of their senior students.

Integrity is often described as telling the truth.  However, integrity deals with a number of other areas.  When doing TKD it is imperative that integrity be part of the development of our character.  In the preparation for testing integrity may involve good work ethics (being lazy with our technique when the instructor is not watching, pretending to be tired or injured, etc.)The rank that we achieve can be tainted by a lack of integrity. 

Perseverance is that spirit of true commitment to keep training even when it is discouraging.  Injuries, outside commitments, schedules and others interests may give us the excuse not to continue in TKD when the training is strenuous or requires great commitment.  Don't let anything keep you from being successful and finishing what you have begun.  This concept is critical to finishing the course that we have begun. 

Self-control can benefit the life of every person.  In TKD it is also imperative that do not lose our temper or demonstrate a lack of control in our techniques.  Any failure in the area of self-control could result in an injury to another student or prevent us from growing in our knowledge of the art.  Self-control involves concentration in class, listening carefully to instructions, and not disturbing others who are trying to learn. 

Indomitable Spirit is the active choice we make to fulfill the true purpose of Taekwondo. We must fulfill what we have promised, strive for truth, even when it requires sacrifice.  Many choices come down to asking this question,
"What am I willing to sacrifice in order to accomplish my goal?" 


Hold To Truth (Integrity)
bey Those In Authority (Perseverance)
ever Give Up (Indomitable Spirit)
rder Your Life (Self-Control)

espect Others (Courtesy)




Mantenga a la verdad (Integridad)

Obedecer a la autoridad (Perseverancia)

Nunca Rendirse (Espiritu Indomable)

Ordenar su vida (Control de si mismo)

Respetar a los demas (Cortesia)