Conclusions Regarding The Purpose of Choong Sil Kwan Taekwondo

In the last eighteen years, while associated with Mid-American Taekwondo Centers, the United States Taekwondo Federation, and presently, the Choong Sil Kwan Taekwondo Federation, I have been impressed with the consistency of character, both of my Instructor, Mr. Louie Aregis, Jr. and of Master Robert Hardin.  Although the current four-step philosophy was not in place initially, the concepts and truths, which are now taught, were nevertheless apparent in the earlier growth of the association.  I am thankful for this consistent determination to achieve excellence and inspire others.  The persistence and quality of instruction has changed my life dramatically over the years.  My understanding of life has been enhanced by being part of the Choong Sil Taekwondo federation, and subsequently, many other lives have been altered, even to the third generation of martial artists on the West Coast.

            Over the years, the purpose of Choong Sil Kwan has affected my life in several areas.

These positive growth areas include: personal discipline, realistic goal setting, ongoing motivation

for achievement, a proper understanding of self-worth, a positive work habit, and the acceptance of

new responsibilities.

The purpose of Choong Sil Kwan Taekwondo is to develop an individualís mental and physical well - being through a highly stylized and deliberate method of rigorous martial arts training.  The result of this training is the empowering sense of self-worth, and the ability to control oneís physical state and personal destiny.  The student is guided into four stages of philosophical development:

             At the time of my initial contact with Mr. Aregis, my life was characterized by my relationship to

the Lord and ministry, the personal discipline of academic study, and heavy weight training.  My mental

well being seemed in order, but my physical limitations included, high blood pressure, lack of flexibility,

excessive weight (248 pounds the day I walked in Rivergate Taekwondo), and high cholesterol.   I was

in control of my spiritual and mental life, but lacked controls in areas related to the physical.  The nature

of Taekwondo and the continued encouragement and challenges offered by the system and my

instructor, led me down a path of change in some important areas of life.   Physically and mentally, I

have become stronger.  I sense a greater level of discipline in my life, than ever before.  As the number

of Mid-California Tae Kwon Do schools in California increased, the level of personal responsibility and

commitment also had to increase.  More discipline and the proper use of time were altered to

accommodate the extra issues involved in growth.  I believe that the implementation of the Choong Sil

Taekwondo Federation purpose and philosophy has raised my level of knowledge and challenged me

to walk a better path of discipline and physical growth.  My students have benefited from the concepts I

have learned and experiencing these concepts will augment their life style and philosophy of life.

            I see the purpose of Choong Sil Kwan and the Four Concepts as an ongoing part of my life and not in conflict with my Christian values.   In fact, the Christian values and truths upon which my life are based, are in harmony with the principles taught within the scope of the Choong Sil Taekwondo Federation.

            Every person has a philosophy of life, and that philosophy must be true and beneficial or it should be changed.   The people and students that I am associated with have all responded in a positive way to the Choong Sil Taekwondo Federation philosophy, which has pervaded my life.  This positive growth cycle will continue to improve the lives of those who train under its truths.

            Thank you for allowing me the privilege of writing this thesis and for the added privilege of being associated with the Choong Sil Tae Kwon Do Federation.